Antenatal and Baby Care Classes

Along with abdominal massage therapy and craniosacral therapy services for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, I also offer a range of antenatal classes and baby care classes such as first aid, CPR, and infant massage. All of our classes are interactive, practical, informative and fun! If you wish to know more about these antenatal and baby care classes, you can email me at or use the button below.

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength. – Barbara Katz Rothaman

Antenatal Birth Preparation Classes

Woman Centred Healing Antenatal Birth Classes do not follow anyone’s set format, instead they are a compilation of a number of different types classes. I have specifically designed these classes to offer you a variety of tools and skills to assist you to find what fits you and what feels right when you are giving birth. I do not guarantee a particular outcome – that would be naïve, as there are so many variables in labour and birth that no one could possibly predict the outcome. What you will go away with is knowledge, confidence in yourselves and your ability to make informed decisions, confidence in your body to birth and the ability to adjust to any unforeseen circumstances without undue stress.

These classes are specifically designed for pregnant women, their partners and/or support people to assist in preparing for their labour, birth and post-birth period. They are run as a series of classes held one evening per week. We also offer a Dad’s Only Classes when there is sufficient demand.

Baby CPR and First Aid

These classes are specifically designed for parents of babies and/or very young children to prepare you to know what to do in an emergency. These classes are taught by Wayne and Caron. Wayne is an ex-paramedic with over 20 years of experience in teaching all levels of First Aid to the public and industry. Caron is a Registered Midwife, mother, grandmother and natural practitioner. Together they combine knowledge and experience in helping you to feel more confident in your parenting skills and in knowing just what to do if the need ever arises. *Please note: this is not a general first aid course.

Baby Massage

A great way to bond with your baby and help baby relax and sleep better, it can also help with digestive issues too. Many traditional cultures over the centuries have massaged their babies to improve their health and vitality, to comfort and soothe the baby. It also helps by increasing the release of serotonin which is recognised in reducing the incidence of SIDS.