All of our fertility support therapies are natural and work with the body

Becoming pregnant is not something that happens because of concentrated effort, denial, or sufferance.It is a natural, unfolding process that stems from a relaxed and positive attitude and a body that is in the correct state of equilibrium. -Jennifer Mercier

Who would benefit from Natural Fertility Support?

Anyone who has been trying to conceive without success whether or not they have seen fertility specialists. It is recommended that both of you come for support.

What is Natural Fertility Support?

I offer a blend of natural therapies such as the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Naturopathy and Fertility Counselling in an effort to help you both improve your fertility. It can help you do this by reducing the stressors and environmental factors contributing to your problem and improve nutrition, thereby improving your health. I follow the Baby Maker Program as taught to me by Stacy Roberts of Sharkey’s Healing Centre as well as her Five Step Fertility Solution program. This program has helped countless couples to not only conceive a baby, but also have a healthy baby by improving both parent’s health and well-being.

How can Woman Centred Healing help you?
There are many reasons for fertility issues which can be classed into the following three categories:

  • Overlooked but explained by medically accepted diagnosis (20-30%) – medically accepted issue that hasn’t been investigated or uncovered through “standard infertility evaluation”.
  • Overlooked but not explained by medically accepted diagnosis (60-70%)
  • Truly unexplained (5-10% of infertility cases and reducing)

Sometimes these reasons may be medically recognised and sometimes not; it depends on the doctor. Some fall into a new area of research which is just emerging and therefore most doctors do not even test for these conditions, although some are now beginning to consider testing. Some conditions may be overlooked by the medical profession if they cannot explain the connection to fertility. Often the reason for couples not being able to become pregnant is not so much a medical issue as it is a health issue.

The body is more likely to reproduce when both parents are healthy, the eggs and sperm are healthy and the mother’s body is able to hold onto the pregnancy. These issues and more can be discussed and worked out together according to your individual situation and health status.