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“Vaginal steams are as common in Central America as taking peppermint or chamomile tea for an upset tummy is in the USA. If a woman has menstrual or fertility problems, the first thing she is asked by her mother, grandmother, aunty or girlfriend is “have you done your vaginal steam yet?” I never talked to a woman in Central America who didn’t know what a Bajos (VS) was.”
-Dr Rosita Arvigo

Why does Woman Centred Healing offer Vaginal steaming or V-steams?

vaginal steaming brisbaneUnlike the beauty salons, day spas and massage clinics who may have jumped onto the bandwagon of the latest craze of offering what is called Vaginal Steams or V-Steams or Womb Steams or Yoni Steams, Woman Centred Healing is solely concerned with healing, especially women’s problems. One of the tools that we use to assist the healing process is Vaginal Steams which happens to be a major part of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT®) which is our main healing modality. Since I have trained to Professional and Advanced Pregnancy levels of ATMAT® I am one of the few people in Australia who is also trained in the healing modality of vaginal steaming.

The Vaginal Steam, or Bajos as it is known in Maya, is an herbal and/or floral Spiritual Healing bath or steam which has been used by the Maya people of Central America for centuries. It has always been used by the traditional healers and midwives to heal the whole person – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional with great success which is why we use it in our treatments. Vaginal Steaming is also a part of most traditional cultures around the world including many Asian and African cultures, for instance in Korea it is called Chai-yok.

What is a Vaginal Steam?

A Vaginal Steam is the steaming of the perineal area including the external genitalia with herbs and flowers added to the hot water. Since I am a Midwife and a Herbalist who is trained in Vaginal Steams and ATMAT® I am qualified to know which herbs are safe and applicable to your condition.

Why would anyone want to do a Vaginal Steam?

It has been said that Vaginal Steams help to keep everything supple and youthful. A Vaginal Steam brings cirulation to the perineum, moistens the area and is said to tighten the vagina improving sensation during intercourse. It can improve the healing of scar tissue from episiotomies, tearing and suturing by improving the blood circulation to the area.

A Vaginal Steam can also assist with menstruation problems and fertility issues. It can also improve the chances of implantation success rate for IVF. Many traditional cultures around the world use some form of Vaginal Steam or Vaginal Smoking (without the steam but with medicinal timbers) to improve women’s reproductive health, especially after having babies, to keep them looking and feeling younger and to improve their sex life.

Who would do this sort of thing anyway?

Gwynneth Pltrow and other celebrities have made V-Steams popular and the latest craze, but we offer this as part of our treatments to women of all ages – mothers, grandmothers, young girls and yes we even offer it to men for digestive disorders, although it’s called an A-Steam for them for obvious reasons.

Who should have a V-Steam?

vaginal steaming brisbaneWomen who have reproductive problems, especially if you notice dark blood at the beginning and/or end of your menstruation, dysmenorrhoea (painful), menorrhagia (heavy), oligomenorrhoea (irregular), amenorrhoea (absent). Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids, uterine prolapse or displacement and fertility issues. For women who have had babies, V-Steaming is especially beneficial in the postpartum period if you have had any perineal trauma (episiotomy, tearing and suturing). Also V-Steaming is beneficial for digestive problems and lower back problems.

Who should NOT have a V-Steam?

  • Pregnant women or women who think that they maybe pregnant.
  • Do not V-Steam during menstruation.
  • Take out genital piercings as they may heat up during the steaming.
  • Do not do V-Steaming during a vaginal infection, especially if there are open sores or wounds.
  • Women who bleed very heavily or have an IUD in place or if they have a fever. Not during haemorrhaging or heaving bleeding postpartum.

The Research

*The above statements are purely anecdotal from thousands of years of practice as there has been no research on the benefits of vaginal steaming.